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From Drug Cartel to Christ: Héctor’s Testimony

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Out of that group in the cartel that I was in, there are only two of us that are alive today, everybody else is dead. I'm standing here before you talking to you about who has given me life...

Note to Self: Changing Taxonomy Name

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This is a note to myself. First, When putting up the template on the main, I will need to change the topic taxonomy names on the Romanian and French site (maybe some others, I don't remember). In order to do thi...



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Encouragement To Endure to the End

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Every true Christian is in the battle of enduring and persevering faith and it is the most strenuous battle on earth. In Hebrews 10:39 it says those who do not endure to the end are destroyed.

Don’t Pursue Freedom from Pornography, Pursue Christ

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If you're out there and searching for freedom from an addiction to pornography, then I encourage you to watch this clip.

Using Gospel Tracts to Evangelize to the Lost

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Get a free pack of gospel tracts that you can use as you daily evangelize to the lost.

Update: Submitting Ask Pastor Tim Questions

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We are going to start shooting Ask Pastor Tim Sessions again, so if you have a question that you feel would be helpful to a broad number of people, then we encourage you to send it in.

Freed from Pornography by Being Satisfied in Christ

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If your truly satisfied in Jesus Christ you will not need to run to pornography and masturbation to try to fill the void inside of your heart. Why is it that so many people are running to pornography and masturbation? It's because they're not satisfied in Christ. This is what leads a person to prostitute themselves to an idol. Are you falling into sexual sin? or any sin for that matter, and want freedom? Do not pursue freedom but pursue Christ and you will find yourself satisfied in the Lord to were you will have freedom, from whatever it is. If you have no love for Christ then you will be accursed. (1 Cor 16:22) The true test of whether you're a Christian or not is if you are indeed satisfied in Christ. John 17:3 says - And this is eternal life, that they KNOW you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. -- Do you know the Lord and have intimacy with Him? Then you will indeed be satisfied in Him. Glory to God!

Freedom from Pornography, James’ Testimony

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I didn't realize I was saved that night. I had freedom from pornography and masturbation. I was no longer a slave to it. Yet months later, when I really came to realize the doctrine of regeneration, what it meant to be born-again. I realized, "Whoa - I wasn't saved at 6."