Note to Self: Changing Taxonomy Name

This is a note to myself.

First, When putting up the template on the main, I will need to change the topic taxonomy names on the Romanian and French site (maybe some others, I don’t remember).

In order to do this I will need to go into PhpMyAdmin, and find which wp_#_term_taxonomy that sites is stored in. Upon finding it, I will run this code on that one:

UPDATE  `wp_#_term_taxonomy` SET  `taxonomy` =  ‘topic’ WHERE  `taxonomy` =  ‘CURRENTTAX’;

After this I will then need to use Custom Taxonomies to create a new tax, of topic, but use the url rewrite to get the right slug for the url’s. I did all of this on the Spanish site and it seems to have worked smoothly!

Second, I found this guys steps to use in order to duplicate custom fields to all subsites:

PHP export worked flawlessly. Simple steps for anyone else who comes across this thread:

1) Network Activate Advanced Custom Fields
2) Create Field Groups on the Main Site through the Custom Fields Menu.
3) Use Custom Fields –> Export, select all field groups, Export to PHP
4) Paste the PHP into your (child) theme’s functions.php
5) Go back and trash the fields from the main site so there aren’t duplicates.