Am I Depressed For What I Believe?

Anonymous Andy wrote in asking:

“I wanted to know if you ever get depressed when you think about the fact that you have no historical or scientific evidence to back up what you believe? When truly following the scientific method cannot lead a sane person to come to the conclusions that the earth is 6000 years old and that there was a global flood, does it ever depress you to consider the high probability that you are wrong, and that your life was spent in vain? More than that, if you are wrong, then you are actually the immoral one, and you are actually the type of person who deserves to burn in hell. I know people who have wanted to commit suicide because of people like you (yeah, one who even wanted to commit suicide because of YOU!) It is a good thing for you that when you die, you will not realize that you were wrong the whole time. Oh, the misery that would cause you, to realize that your life was spent in vain, chasing after another Zeus and Appollo! Pray tell me that you have considered the arrogance and foolishness of your claims.”