Challenging Christian Quotes

These inspirational and challenging Christian quotes are extracted from books and sermons by godly believers that we hope will challenge and encourage you as you run this race for the Lord Jesus. (For sharing the quotes that are in the image format, you can download them by clicking on the image.)

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Many people come to listen to the gospel who have been brought up in a religious atmosphere, in religious homes, who have always gone to church and Sunday School, never missed meetings; yet they may be unregenerate. They need the same salvation as the man who may have come to listen, who has never been inside a House of God before. He may have come out of some moral gutter; it does not matter. It is the same way, the same gospel for both, and both must come in in the same way. Religiosity is of no value; morality does not count; nothing matters. We are all reduced to the same level because it is “by faith,” because it is “by grace.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The First Forty Years

If there was one thing that set me apart in my life before Christ, it was that I was a liar. I would lie more than any human being I’ve ever known. And I sit there and go: “Now I am known as being courageous and telling the truth when I was the biggest coward and the biggest liar.” Do you see that? Isn’t that amazing? And I would still be today the biggest coward and the biggest liar if it were not for the grace of God.

Paul Washer, Paul Washer’s Testimony: A Liar and a Coward

The secret of a lasting marriage and a happy marriage is in perpetually, continually, habitually giving God the number one position, purpose and passion in your lives and marriage. It is hard for two proud people to get along. As you walk humbly with your God, all is smooth.

Bob Jennings, Thoughts on Marriage for Newlyweds

When we go to God by prayer, the devil knows we go to fetch strength against him, and therefore he opposeth us all he can.

Richard Sibbes, Divine Meditations, p. 164

Don’t be intimidated by the power in which godly men in history have ministered. Biographies may encourage us to serve the same God they served, or make us depressed because we do not see the same fruit they saw.

Conrad Murrell

A cleansed conscience is not a conscience that managed to forget guilt, it’s a conscience that has experienced guilt dealt with by the price being fully paid at the Cross.

Ryan Fullerton, A Weak Conscience Seared by Legalism

If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies. Yet distance makes no difference. He is praying for me.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne
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