How Should We React to the Shootings?

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Editor’s note 11.6.2017: Yesterday’s church shooting took place just 40 minutes from where our church (Grace Community Church) meets here in San Antonio. You feel the sorrow of the entire situation and mourn with those who mourn. And ultimately feel sorrow for sin having entered the world in the first place. There are a thousand or more ways by which we will all die one day. But there is only one way that any person can have eternal life; and that is through Jesus Christ. The thoughts Charles Leiter shared on understanding a shooting from 2012 are yet applicable in this sad situation.

When you look at a guy in the gutter, is he an object of pity or is he wicked for what he is doing? Well it’s not either or, he is both, and he has no hope unless God has mercy on him and pulls him out of the gutter, and at the same time he is responsible for every sin that put him in the gutter.

We need to guard against the thinking that creeps into our minds that says “people are not really evil.” This will show true on Judgment Day, the only issue is that it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it.