Miracles of Christ: Multiplication (Feeding the Five Thousand)

Category: Full Sermons
Bible: Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus feeding the five thousand was a miracle of multiplication and in it God shows us that He is able to take something little and make it into something big.  He’s able to take something small and stretch it into something incredible. God can take very small things and make them into very big things.  The Lord took Gideon’s army down to the odds of 450 to 1.  Imagine being in a dark alley, and it’s you against 450 people, that’s how the odds were!  Yet God made Gideon weak enough so that He could then give them victory.  We cannot use our weakness and limitations as an excuse for not giving everything to God. God is able to take the smallest and weakest of any of us, and use us for His glory in ways we cannot imagine.