One Sin Will Destroy You

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One sin is enough to destroy you so may God help us all cling on to nothing but Christ alone.


Walking in the light this is where the joy is found. The joy of a clear conscience, nothing between my soul and the Savior. Isn't amazing that the Lord has set it up, such that a new convert, can have more reality than an elder, he can be walking in more light than an elder. Walking in the light that's where you'll find the sensible presence of God, the sweet assurances of God. When we walk with the Lord in the light of his word, what a glory he sheds on our way, but if there is any darkness there its like you're running in mud. If there is any darkness there its like you're growing crops that are being choked up by weeds. Its like you're trying to plow with a rusty plow.

The chariot wheels they drive so hard. Depression and perplexities that cannot seemed to be fixed, if you're not walking in the light, if you're heart isn't open. Duncan Campbell he tells a story, that in Scotland he was riding with another person and their car malfunctioned and stopped. It was at night time and they didn't have a flashlight, they couldn't see how to fix it, and then they looked over there and they saw this light house and They realized if we can push the car down there , well get in the light and we can see to fix it and they did. You've got to get your heart in the light in order to be repaired.

This is where you'll find more light, in your light we see light. A light is sown for the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart. Willingness is just such a key isn't? If when any man is willing to do his will he will know of the doctrine. A willing heart is very very precious in the sight of God. Walking in the light this is where we find the power. It says in Romans chapter 13 that we ought to put on what? the armour of light. That is a powerful thing. I remember soon after i was converted, the Lord showed me I needed to go make things right at the bookstore. The university bookstore. I’d shoplifted some books. and so the clerk directed me to the manager of the book store, the manager directed me to the adminstrator of the union, and there I walked into this nice office, and this man was seated there with his tie and I told him that I had been saved from my sins by the Grace of Christ, and become a Christian. And you know that man become white in his face as though I had pulled a gun on him. And I told him that I need to return or repay some stolen books, what authority is lost by darkness, the cost of a dark area, the cost of allowing a dark area in your heart, I mean it will mar your testimony, like a scratch on a new car, you can’t show it off you can’t look people in the eye, it will hinder your fruitfulness, it will hinder your joy it will hinder your usefulness in the kingdom fo God it will sapp your strength. We bought an ATV some years ago, and got a lot of work out of it and all of the sudden it began to malfunction I mean it would cough and spitter, and sputter, and spit, (laughing) and backfire, and no power, and we took it in and they took the motor apart, and said “we got it fixed.” and they didn’t. and we took it in a second time and they still thought they got it fixed and we took it in a third time and you know it was some little device on the handle bar. I’m talking about allowing a little area of darkness in your heart, it will hurt you! It will harden your heart, soft choices make hard hearts, look at Lot’s wife. It will deceive you, If you allow some besetting sin, some secret sin, some hidden sin, it will eventually deceive you. You cover it at first, you make excuses for it, then you begin to talk about it and defend it, then you begin to laugh about it and brag about it, it will deceive you, look at the effects of one sin, look what one sin did to Abraham, look what one sin did to Noah, look what one sin did to Moses, look at what one sin did to David, what one sin did to the Rich Young Ruler, “This one thing you lack,” Look at what one sin did to Adam and Eve and the whole human race, what one sin did to the Son of God, it will hinder your ministry because of one point of disobedience God sought to kill Moses, look what one sin will do the church, Achan, he hindered the whole congregation, maybe almost every historic revival is started by someone stepping into the light, we have heard about the Canadian Revival, some of us, and you know, it looks like it started at Bill Mcleod’s church in Canada, but it really it started in Michigan, when at a meeting one teenage girl stepped into the light, if you got an area of darkness, if you’ve got a besetting sin, if you’ve got a bondage there, don’t pass it by, work on it, an athlete, the coach tells him, you’re going to win, if you just get this one area right, a concert pianist, might have a whole piece real good, but if there is just one troublesome area, what does she do? She works on, “Right Cathryn?” she works on it and works on it till it is all smoothed out do that also with your heart, keep it that way, isn’t it something, the way God has made it? I mean, here’s this one thing, that’s fluttering around in my conscience, and all I've got to do to get back into the light, is down deep honestly, sincerely, say “Lord, I agree with you.” Against that thing, I’m going with you. If your not a true Christian, if you love darkness here, you’ll get it there, outer darkness, this is the condemnation that light has come and men love darkness rather then light. You know your heart, you know what’s going on there, you better step into the light with God, no darkness at all is what He asks and requires. If you’re not a true Christian don’t think that the blood of Jesus will avail for you, it only avails for those who are walking in the light. Duncan Campbell said, “Calvary will not cover what you are unwilling to uncover.” If your not a Christian, if your not a true Christian go for any light you can find. Any light, go for any light. The evangelist told pilgrim “Do you see that light over there? head for that light.” If your in a cave, and only one person had a flashlight, you’d better walk in the light while you’ve got some light or darkness is going to overtake you. If you do you will be a child of light and you will be able to say the Lord is my light and my salvation. God is light, that’s the message John says “we have heard from Him.” Well scripture says “He that doeth evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be manifested or exposed.” Everyone that doeth truth comes to the light that his deeds might be manifested as having been wrought in God. When you see somebody coming to the light, getting honest, God’s already done a work. And He’s doing a work, and his deeds are manifested as have been wrought in God.