When Christians begin to search the Scriptures for guidance on godly living, they will eventually encounter trouble caused by the two major manifestations of God’s will. The first is the Law of Moses, given by God Himself to Israel at Mount Sinai amid thunder, flame, and terror. The second is the person of Jesus, the very Son of God, with His lofty teachings and bright example. When we begin to ponder these manifestations, questions arise and demand answers: Why are they so different, or seem so different, when they are both from God? Should Christians actively follow the Law of Moses, even though so much of it clearly does not apply directly to us? Does Jesus uphold the Mosaic Law as an abiding ethical authority? If so, why does He seem to depart from it sometimes?

These helpful sermons from Pastor Charles Leiter attempt to answer these questions. He addresses the issue in three parts. In Part One, he describes the broader question of how the Abrahamic, Old, and New Covenants relate to one another. He concludes that all Old Testament history and promise culminates in Christ, and he presents several rules for Bible interpretation derived from this fact. Part Two focuses on the freedom from the Law of Moses which Christians enjoy, as described in the New Testament. He demonstrates what this means and does not mean, shows how exactly the Law of Moses remains relevant for the Christian, and finally proves that Christ is superior to Moses and that He does give new principles for life in His new kingdom. Part Three is concerned with two ideas. First, Pastor Leiter explains “the Law of Christ,” which fundamentally is the “new commandment” to love one another as He has loved us: love informed by Christ’s own example. Second, he shows that the Holy Spirit’s help is necessary for obedience to this commandment and that the Holy Spirit truly does create Christlikeness in the Christian. The book ends with several appendices, meant to address various important topics not discussed in the main text.

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