Take God’s Side Against Yourself

God comes to Adam, and says “Did you eat of the fruit?” Adam says “The woman that you gave me.” That’s what you are doing the whole of your life. You are blaming God for your sin. If you ever get to the point where you blame yourself for your sin, you are going to get saved. That’s how simple it is. When you take God’s side against yourself, and you realize “He’s not the sinner, I am!” And He goes to the woman and He says “Did you eat of the fruit?” She said “The serpent gave it to me and I ate.” She is blaming the serpent. Who God let be in the garden after all.

As long as there is a “but”, a “well, yes, but…” your mouth still isn’t stopped, your going to be in hell.

You’ve got to come to the place where there is no excuse for sin, and you realize sin really is wicked. It really is wicked and I really don’t have an excuse and I really do deserve to go to hell.