The Wrath of God

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Charles Leiter teaches on the wrath of God in the only right way: with urgency in his voice and even some tears in his eyes. He begins by explaining that, though God is not illogical, He is incomprehensible, and that His wrath is the same way; we may not fully understand it, but God’s wrath is real. He then discusses the fact, meaning, and manifestation of God’s wrath. To prove the fact of God’s wrath, he reads Nahum 1:1-8 and several other passages, and he expresses just how often the Bible describes God’s anger and hatred. Secondly, on the meaning of God’s wrath, he explains that God’s wrath is not like our own, sinful anger. Rather, it is God’s just, holy, good, and beautiful response to sin. Thirdly, Charles shows from Scripture that the wrath of God will not only be revealed in the future, on the day of judgment and in Hell, but it is also revealed presently in the troubles of the world and man’s descent into greater sin. By way of application, he says that we Christians should worship God more due to this teaching and also preach the wrath of God to others, lest we be like the false prophets who refused to do so. As for non-Christians, they should flee to Christ from the wrath of God. Every modern Christian needs to hear teaching like this, due to the great lack of it in our churches.

(From: Granted Ministries | HeartCry 2005 Conference)