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God’s wrath against sin goes beyond our ability to describe. The Bible says His wrath will melt mountains and dry up the sea. Adam sinned one time and the entire world was thrown under condemnation. But you sin everyday. You reject God’s will everyday. And even though His hatred for sin is so great. His compassion and His mercy are so great. That He not only tolerates us. But He calls us to come to Him to be saved.

If you’re listening to this right now. And you believe yourself to be the worst person in the world. Maybe you’re a murderer. Maybe you’re a prostitute. Maybe you’re a drunk or a drug addict. Isn’t it amazing that you can still be saved? All your sins can be taken away. You know you can’t change yourself. You’ve tried to do it. You know you have no good works. But this is the reason Christ has died. You can be saved. The blood He shed on the Cross for you. It has the power to take away all your sin. Past, present, and future. And reconcile you to a Holy God.

Do you see why this is such good news? I’m not telling you to do a few things in order to earn salvation from a God you can’t earn salvation from. I’m telling you to look to this God who talks to Moses here. Who’s paid for your sin. Through His Son.

I have been believing God for thirty years. I have been following His Son for thirty years. But after thirty years I am still just as dependent upon the love and faithfulness of God as when I began. I have failed Him so many times. He has never failed me one time. There are so many times I have not loved Him as I should have loved Him. But never once did His love change. His love toward even someone like me has been perfect. And its not because of something I did. If His love was based on my performance it would constantly be changing. But His love for me and for His people is based upon the performance of Christ. This is wonderful! That His love is not based upon who we are. But it is based upon who He is. Not what we can do for Him. But what He can do for us. And has done for us. In the sacrifice of His Son. To me a sinner. This is wonderful, beautiful news.

His only boast is Jesus Christ. That is Christianity. That our hope is in God and not in man. All the other religions of the world. The hope is in man. Maybe you don’t agree with me. “No my hope is in God.” But think about it. You’re trying to work yourself to Heaven. Your hope with regard to heaven has to do with whether or not you’re good enough. You are hoping to be good enough to go to heaven. I am hoping that God is powerful enough to save those who have no hope in self.

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