Tardiness: Is Being Habitually Late Sinful?

The following question was sent in:

Is habitual tardiness a sin? If so, how should Christians be living their lives in light of this sin being so overlooked and tolerated as normal in our society and even in some of our churches?

If we can’t call it sin then what is it? And if it’s not sin but just something frowned upon, what is the standard that we’re using to say that it isn’t good? Isn’t it a kin to lying? Saying you’re going to do something and just not doing it?

Also, what’s the basis of our motivating punctuality if it doesn’t exemplify a righteous, Christ-like life?

Just to clarify, I’m not talking about being late as a result of something coming up or as a result of sudden tragedy or changes in uncontrollable circumstances. I’m talking about when someone is known by others, and even by themselves, either as a person, or even a body of believers, that simply is habitually tardy to arrive or begin events/meetings because it has become acceptable to say it will begin at such a time and doesn’t or “we will arrive at such a time” and don’t?

I hope I didn’t linger too long. I have thought of this issue a lot and how it even plays out in my own life and how I’ve even, at times, placed punctuality at a level of importance that could have even been unhealthy and legalistic. I just feel that it isn’t something that Christians care about enough and often forget how it can affect other Christians when not held as an important or at least relevant issue.