False Teachers: Proud Men Who Lust for Power

Surely the number one characteristic of the false teacher is pride. They desire to control people, they crave for miracle power and the ability to do the supernatural so that they can have a following. They long to make a big empire and be “mightily used by God”… In contrast the person who points you away from himself as fast as he can and points you towards Christ and the Word of God, that man is the true teacher.

Overview of Series

Texts: Matthew 7:13-23; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

This is the first message of three on the topic of false prophets. Charles gives his own motivation for preaching these messages as twofold. The first motive is obvious—to teach people how to identify and avoid false prophets and their deadly teaching. The second is not so obvious—to keep others from becoming false prophets. The messages themselves are a very detailed, thorough treatment of the topic.

These sermons are especially helpful for Christians wondering about a particular teacher, whether he falls into this category of “false prophet.” May the Lord help you to identify false teachers so that you may avoid and, when necessary, expose them.

From Granted Ministries