Psalm says blessed is the man whose, “delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” And so it is for the believer: bible reading is vitally important. To study, meditate on, and to seek to know more of the truth as is found in God’s Word.

We hope the following resources will all the more encourage to search the Bible for hidden treasures, and to hide the Word of God in your heart that you might not sin against God.

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A Meditation on Meditations

Bible Meditation


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Homiletics: Asking Questions of the Text (Part 4)

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Know the Bible

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If My Words Abide in You (Scripture Memory)


The Word of God! We ought never to take this book in our hands and open it, read or quote it, listen to it or preach it, without thinking, “This is the Word of Almighty God, the Ancient of Days, the Author, Creator, Governor, and Sustainer of all things. I must receive these words–every one of them–with reverence, awe, and unqualified acceptance.”

Conrad Murrell

Is the Bible the Word of God? Then be sure you never read it without fervent prayer for the help and teaching of the Holy Spirit. Here is the rock on which many make shipwreck. They do not ask for wisdom and instruction, so they find the Bible dark, and carry nothing away from it. You should pray for the Spirit to guide you into all truth. You should beg the Lord Jesus Christ to “open your understanding,” as He did that of the His disciples. The Lord God, by His inspiration the book was written, keeps the keys of the book, and alone can enable you to understand it profitably.

J. C. Ryle, Reading the Bible Supernaturally, pg. 194

If you would not be taken by any of Satan’s devices, then walk by rule of the Word of God. (Prov. 12:24; Gal. 6:16) He who walks by rule, walks most safely; he who walks by rule, walks most honorably; he who walks by rule, walks most sweetly. When men throw off the Word, then God throws them off, and then Satan takes them by the hand, and leads them into snares at his pleasure. He who thinks himself too good to be ruled by the Word, will be found too bad to be owned by God; and if God does not, or will not own him—Satan will by his stratagems overthrow him. Those who keep to the rule, shall be kept in the hour of temptation. ‘Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.’ (Rev. 3:10)

Thomas Brooks

Meditation puts the telescope to the eye, and enables us to see Jesus after a better sort than we could have seen him if we had lived in the days of his flesh. Would that our conversation were more in heaven, and that we were more taken up with the person, the work, the beauty of our incarnate Lord.

C. H. Spurgeon, The Beautiful King

My beloved brother, I have heard all your arguments and objections against this view, but they have one fatal defect: not one of them is based upon the word of God. You will never get at the truth upon any matter of divine revelation unless you lay aside your prejudices and like a little child ask simply what is the testimony of the Scripture.

George Müller, George Müller of Bristol, pg. 261

My mind being now more open and enlarged, I began to read the Holy Scriptures upon my knees, laying aside all other books and praying over, if possible, every line and word. This proved meat indeed and drink indeed to my soul. I daily received fresh life, light and power from above. I got more true knowledge from reading the Book of God in one month than I could ever have acquired from all the writings of men.

George Whitefield, Biography of George Whitefield V1 (Dalimore, pg. 81)

Conrad Murrell

I went accordingly to my room, and locked my door, and putting the Bible on a chair, I went down on my knees at the chair. There I remained for several hours in prayer and meditation over the word of God; and I can tell you that I learned more in those three hours which I spent in this way, than I had learned for many months previously.

George Müller

Bob Jennings

“You will get at the soul of Scripture when you can keep Jesus with you while you are reading.” & “If the very soul of reading be the understanding of what we read, then we must in prayer call upon the Holy Ghost to unlock the secret mysteries of the inspired word.”

C.H. Spurgeon

Bob Jennings, Rich in the Word of God