What is revival? What happened during the great awakening? Should we expect and long for such manifestations of the power of God in our day?

An Overview of the History of Revival

Pastor and author Mack Tomlinson preached a five-part series on What is Revival & The History of Revival. Not only is what he taught on not taught in schools today, but it is also not taught in most churches. We do not want to overreact to the abuse that the word revival has encountered from the way many people use it in modern times.

What Are Some Revivals From Past History?

Many have heard of George Whitefield, the power of God was on his life and he was greatly used by the Lord in preaching the Gospel and seeing souls saved. Video: The Power of God in George Whitefield’s Life

What Are Some More Recent Revivals?

This is no way was a prominent historic revival, but God moved in Canada in a powerful way through the ministry of Keith McLeod. “And every night, as I recall, there was probably 20, 30, 40 people up front there doing business with God. Every night the meetings lasted till 1 or 2 or 3 o’clock with people asking for help.” “And so it was a very powerful time. People were starting to come from many miles away. The report was spreading. I know Keith McCloud said if he had any regrets at the end of that time, it was that he didn’t continue the meetings longer. And so at the end of the time, it was estimated that half of the church; there were probably three or four hundred people attending; half of the church either had a fresh or a new meeting with God.” Video: Stories of Revival

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A Brief History of Revivals


A Prayer For Revival


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You Are the Salt of the Earth


You Are the Salt of the Earth

Laying Hold of The Lord in Prayer


Explain the Book of Acts: God Came!


Four Demonstrations of the Power of the Cross


What is Revival & The History of Revival

The Lukewarm Church


The Lukewarm Church

The Church That Had But Little Power


The Church That Was Dead


Filled With the Spirit #3: Revival


The Power of God in George Whitefield’s Life


Stories of Revival


Stories of Revival