The struggles of depression are real, and therefore it is a topic that we have to consider.

John Street said in regards to Elijah, “What an incredible victory for Elijah! But as we’re about to see, even in our times of greatest usefulness, victory, and success, we may be just a step away from falling into the darkest of depression.” (Men Counseling Men, pg 117)

Missionary Anthony Norris Groves said, “I sometimes feel sadly depressed, and truly I have reason to be so, looking back on a worse than useless life, and though I know that grace abounds, my heart is often quite devoid of joy.” – (Father of Faith Missions. pg 249)

Even useful men, like Elijah and Groves, found themselves facing the darkness of depression.

Yet the Bible does not leave the believer, in the midst of such darkness, without hope. As Dallimore recorded of Charles Spurgeon, who had a very sensitive nature and after someone falsely cried fire in one of his meetings, which led to people dying. “Spurgeon continued in his broken condition for seven or eight days. Then, as he walked in his friend’s garden, a verse of Scripture about Christ flashed into his mind. He saw it afresh–‘Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him and given Him a name which is above every name,’ and as he fed his soul upon its truth he began to improve. His burden was gradually lifted so he could return to his home. On the following Sunday he ministered again at New Park Street. He had been out of his pulpit for but one Sunday.” (pg. 71 – A New Biography, A. Dallimore)

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I have given way to discouragement, dark discouragement, far too much in the past. Now I know rather better, and thoroughly agree with the assertion, “all discouragement is of the devil.” Discouragement is to be resisted just like sin. To give way to one is just as bad and weakens us as much as to give way to the other.

J. O. Fraser, Behind the Ranges (p.97)